Huge Futon & Sofa Bed Selection

People have many choices in beds. A major benefit of having a couple of extra Japanese futon mattresses on hand is that you can always be prepared for a major slumber party when you least Futon expect it. These futons can easily be placed in semi-private corners around your home to accommodate as Full size futon mattress many guests as you can handle while still offering them a comfortable, relaxing night’s sleep.

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It was during this era that the shoin-zukuri developed — this was the style that we now call traditional Japanese architecture, which evolved as a kind of hybrid of the studies of Zen monks and the formal reception rooms of the military elite (see image above).

Customers who thebrandwich have had problems with their backs, sleeping on regular, western style mattresses have found success sleeping on traditional futons and this mattress is getting plenty of five star reviews from people who report that this bed has them sleeping like a baby with all back and hip pain virtually disappearing.

First of all, there are some people who go online and post bitter, harsh reviews of futons they’ve purchased and say things like “it said it was 75 inches but when I measure it it was only 74” or “they claimed it was 10 inches thick but its hardly 8.5 inches.” It would make it seem that folks are being duped.

The Futon Shop has been specializing in manufacturing futon mattresses since 1976, and they have improved their futon mattresses, by finding the best green and organic fibers to give you the best quality in your futon mattress and for your platform bed.

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